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How to Hard Reset Motorola Defy Mini XT321

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A hard reset is necessary if you want to bring your Motorola Defy Mini XT321 to the initial condition as new. There are two methods that you can do to perform a Hard reset to your phone.

Note. It will remove all the personal data in your internal memory such as image, contacts, messages, log-in data, etc.

First Method : Hard Reset Motorola Defy Mini XT321

This method can be done if you have an access to your Motorola Defy Mini XT321. It means you still can navigate through menu and setting on your phone. Some people do a hard reset to their phone using this method due to a lag after an app installation. Here are steps to do this:

  1. Go to Setting > Privacy > Factory Data Reset
  2. There will be a prompt, just tap OK
  3. Done

Second Method : Hard Reset Motorola Defy Mini

If you have a problem with your Motorola Defy Mini XT 321 that can’t be resolved with an usual way and something avoid you to fix the problem using the first method, you can resolve those problems by doing a hard reset Motorola Defy Mini without  entering menu.

Some problem that can prevent you to do the first method such as a boot loop after application installation, can’t access the UI, an application that make the phone frozen, etc. Here are steps do to:

  1. Turn Off the Phone
  2. Remove the micro SD -this is just a preventive step to avoid data loss in your SD card-
  3. Press power + volume up + volume down
  4. There will be a screen with an android logo, press power button
  5. Choose wipe data by using volume down to navigate and camera button to select
  6. Choose Yes
  7. Done

Done, and the Hard Reset Motorola Defy Mini process is done. Your phone should be working as good as new.


  1. jess says:

    Thank You !
    The second method worked

  2. nhut says:

    root ?????

  3. Ytallo says:


  4. Xander says:

    Heel erg bedankt!

  5. rizky says:

    kalau root gmn mas mau hard/factory resetnya? soalnya hp defy tmn ane mau dipindahtangkan alias dijual. thx..

  6. Virag says:

    With the second method the android logo comes up with an exclamation mark in a triangle, and I push the power button, but nothing happens. What do U suggest?

  7. Virag says:

    My phone is a Defy

  8. Virag says:

    Sorry for being such a disaster, but I can’t sign in with my e-mail and password, and as a result I can’t use my phone, so I am quite desperate.

  9. mustafa says:

    this second methode work you are a best

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