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How to increase RAM on Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302

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The Galaxy y Duos Lite which supports the dual SIM option, also technically known as GT-s5302, is one of the latest Android smartphones presented by Samsung. With this dual-sim mobile you will be able to tackle the calls on both the sim cards simultaneously, as it has the feature which allows the sim to forward calls in case the other number is busy when the call is being received.

Memory has always been one of the prime considerations while purchasing a new mobile handset. As Samsung Galaxy features a RAM of around 512 MB, and of around 3 GB internal memory. It definitely makes sense to upgrade the RAM for seamless functionality and a “lag”-free android experience. You can now increase RAM on your Samsung Galaxy Y Duos Lite S5302 without much fuss or ado. Let’s see how

Before the user could move ahead with upgrading the RAM, they need to be careful about few points. Some of the pre-requisites which need to be handled are – firstly, your handset should be charged to a minimum of 75%. Secondly, ensure that you have taken the backup of all the important information stored on your handset like SMS, Call Log, Contact numbers, Videos, Bookmarks etc. Thirdly, In case of the Android device, you will have to install the Custom recovery image and for doing this you should make sure that you have downloaded clockworkMod Recovery on your device and then installed it. And in case you have not then you will have to unlock your Android’s Boot loader. Also ensure that you have enabled the USB debugging mode and allow Mock locations on your device. You need to follow the following settings -> settings->applications->Development->USB Debugging.

After the above steps are verified you need to move ahead with downloading and installing of a Link2SD file to your device. As soon as, it’s installed you will be presented with a screen which will have following options “select the file system of your SD card’s Second partition” –ext2, ext3, and ext4, FAT32/FAT16 -> from the above options you need to select the “ext2” and then click on the “OK” option. As soon as it is done, the handset will ask for the restart. Proceed with the same. After it gets started, move to the setting-where you need to click on “Auto link” and “Auto link notifications” icons and then move ahead with the installation.

Then finally you need to select the installation location where you will be selecting the option of “External icon”. And after that you should switch off your handset. As its Switched on, you need to proceed by downloading swapper2 and then install it on your device. After doing it, you need to execute the procedure mentioned below.

Move ahead with the swapper configuration. On boot option you need to click on the Active swap. After this you should select, FAT partition on the SD card with respect to “swap file position”. From here you can finalize the memory space which you wish to increase. Allocate 200 MB of memory space as the swap file size. And then finally click on the save option and wait until the whole process gets completed.

Finally as all the processes has been initiated and completed successfully, you need to get the system rebooted once again. Once rebooted you must have an updated system memory!

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    pls explain clearly….. i did all these steps but the error shows swap file not found

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