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How to Root Lenovo A800

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Rooting is a good thing to do if you are a fan of development or modification things to your phone. In this post, I will share to you a method about how to root Lenovo A800. Lenovo A800 is an entry level smartphone from Lenovo that has quite good specification. Root it will enable you to install root only apps that are usually used for phone development.

DISCLAIMER. we will not be held responsible if you lose data or your device gets damaged in the following of this guide. Do it with your own risk.

Note. Following this procedure will void your warranty; if you are not okay with this, do not read any further!

Note Before Rooting

  1. Make sure to charge your phone (75% min) before doing this procedure (100% is highly recommended)
  2. Install appropriate driver on your PC first

Needed Files

  1. Appropiate drive for this phone driver MT6577 USB VCOM (For windows based only)
  2. Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15
  3. Busybox.apk

All of the needed files can be downloaded via this link.

Steps to Root Lenovo A800

  1. Extract the downloaded file to your PC (Desktop is the recommended location for this)
  2. Connect your phone to your PC and activate the USB debugging mode first
  3. Install driver Driver MT6577 USB VCOM (skip this, if you already have appropriate driver installed on your PC)
  4. Run Runme.bat in Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15 folder by double clicking it
  5. There will be 3 choices, choose 1 to root your Lenovo A800
  6. Type y and then press enter
  7. Follow onscreen instructions
  8. Your phone will be restart itself
  9. If the root process is done successfully, there will be SuperSE app installed on your phone
  10. Install Busybox.apk to your phone. You can grab the apk file from the extracted file
  11. Restart your phone
  12. Done

It’s done and your phone should be rooted right now.


  1. Norris Anthony says:


  2. ond says:

    Thanks for manual. What kind of system will I have after rooting? Is it english version? Will I be able to install google play store?

    • Wahyu Setyo Budi says:

      You will have the same system as before. This procedure will just gain a “root access” to your system.
      There will be no change to your phone’s system.

  3. lanzzz says:

    can you please give me a link for the driver od lenovo a800 because the Driver MT6577 USB VCOM is not working with my device.

    • Wahyu Setyo Budi says:

      If the driver isn’t working, You can open Lenovo website to download the newest driver for your phone.

  4. wise says:

    after i type 1 and press enter when asked to choose device type. nothing happens after it says please connect device with usb debugging enabled now. my device is already connected and usb debugging enabled. what do i do?

  5. Chase says:

    Help! Everytime i run Install.exe it always says usb2er_Vista Was not found!

  6. terence gil tarrosa says:

    can u please send me a video on how to root lenovo A800
    because i already follow ur steps but still i cant root my phone, tnx

  7. Paolo Alcantara says:

    Does The Phone Really Have To Reboot Itself? Cause Ive Waited Too Long

    • Wahyu Setyo Budi says:

      Yes it should reboot by itself, but you can force restart it if it doesn’t restart by itself and continue the procedure.
      It won’t interfere the rooting procedure though.

  8. Bryan says:

    It say’s “daemon started successfully”

    After That,

    What should I do?

  9. Jay Blue says:

    Hi Everyone! if the Driver isnt working for u.. download the .exe lenovo usb driver installer file here


    mine didn’t work until i installed this Driver.

    Thanks for this tutorial! :)
    could anyone tell me whats the use of the BUSYBOX app? :)

  10. Enrico says:

    Sorry. Did you know if the same procedure can be applied to the Lenovo Ideatab A-1000-F? I´m searching for a rooting method, but I can´t find nothing.

  11. ZeroDJ says:

    How long should I wait before it reboot by itself???

  12. T2C says:

    dude it said daemon running successfully then it just stopped there i couldnt type anything

  13. T2C says:

    oh and when i did it the second time i ran the bat file as admin then i typed 1 i lot of “file path not specified” came out then it said successful in the end of the many stuffs then no onscreen instructions came out

  14. jason says:

    all went well. phone restarted automatically. but i didnt find any superSE app. and when i run busybox, it prompts that my phone is not rooted. i even tried the root checker. it says not rooted totally.

  15. jason says:

    please help

  16. ram says:

    Hi! Can you create a video on how to root this Lenovo a800. i’m not familiar with the term being used on the instruction.

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