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Use Android Smartphone as Modem for PC

Use Android Phone as a modem is possible and you can do it with this simple steps. These steps are the simplest way that I can find to use Android smartphone as a modem. Basically, this proccess is called tethering proccess using Android.

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For this tips, we will use PDAnet application that installed both on your Android smartphone and your PC.

Use Android Smartphone as Modem for PC Steps

  1. Install your Smartphone driver
  2. Download PDAnet in Google Play.
  3. Make sure that you already enable the USB Debugging feature by go to Menu >> Setting >> Application >> Development and then check the USB Debugging.
  4. That’s all for the steps on your Android Smartphone, Now go to your PC and Install the application via junefabrics.com 
After the preparation is complete, now what you have to do is just run the software and you can use your Android Smartphone as a modem. Here are the steps
  1. Start “Tether” on your Android Smartphone and connect via USB cable by plug the USB cable into your Android smartphone and PC and the click on “Enable USB Tether”
  2. Open the PDAnet apps on your PC/Mac and then click on “connect”
  3. Wait until the icon become blue
That’s all the proccess, now you can browsing via your PC via your Android Smartphone as a modem.

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